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Like the other states of India Uttar Pradesh state also started the digitization of the land records.It is a computerisation program which is handled by the State Govt. of Utter Pradesh. This website is designed by the National Informatics Center (NIC) which is located in Lucknow. Bhulekh is the combination of two words Bhu + alekh which means Bhu =Land and alekh = records.
So the full meaning of bhulekh is Land Records.It was so difficult for the people to get the records from the office even there are so much big lines for taking records. It is a better gift for those people , they can check the records even at their home with the help of internet or any cafe easily. It is very easy and simple in use so every person can use this feature of Govt. The Bhulekh has two rules that is Records of Right (ROR) and Right of Information (ROI). This means that every person have full right of getting the full knowledge of there problems.BHULEKH UP Land Record Online

West Bengal Govt. has started the digitization of land Records under the NLRMP program of India’s Govt. There is a setup of online portal for the record of land with the help of NIC by the Land & Land Reforms Department of West Bengal Govt. The Govt. of West Bengal is doing hard work for the Project of Digitization of Land Records. They are updating all the records day by day.The WB state Govt. give this project the name “Banglarbhumi”.All the work is under processing.
West Bengal 2016 Land Record

Like the other states of India ,Rajasthan state has also started the Online land record of the state. This project comes under the Revenue Department of Ajmer ,Rajastha. It is the gift for those people who wants to check the records of land. In starting they have to go to the Land Record office for getting the details. But now a days, all the works are being done through the help of internet. Every people can check the land records at any where (at the cafe or even mobile). The state Govt. also launch a application for the project. It is very simple in use , citizens can easily handle it.They can search the owners detail , land map or land record.
This project is known as Apnakhata in the rajasthan state. People can visit the offical website for getting the Land records.

The govt. of Bihar state has digitizing the Keeping of Land Records of the state. There is a program of keeping online land record. This program is developed by NIC (National Informatics Center) under Bihar revenue and land reforms department. In starting the speed of this developing program is slow so only 13 districts out of 38 districts in state is updated. All the other 25 states are doing work to getting the program as soon as possible. Bihar Online Land Record

With the help of this program people can the land detail , land record , owner detail , Land map view anywhere in the country. People can check the land records at the official website ( )of the state govt. of Bihar.

The Gujarat state has adopted a new technology for the benefit of Gujarat state people to check online land records. The name of this software is AnyRoR. This software is designed by the National Informatics center (NIC) in Association with revenue department of Gujarat. It provides (VF 7, VF 8A, VF 6, AND VF 12) Gujarat Land Records Online. Now there is no need of visiting the e-dhara or e-gram center to krrp a tab on your plot of land and verify its record. One can check the Land records Online application. People can visit the official website of Gujarat state to check the online records. Here they can check the land details, Map of the land, and owner details etc.Gujarat Land Records Online